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Advanced Drilling

: $98.00
Publisher / Author: Vett & Viten Group
ISBN: 978-82-315-0020-9

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Advanced Drilling
By: B. Hjertås, E.J. Seiert, E. Skaugen, G.O. Eikill
Revised by A. Winther
Advanced Drilling is a comprehensive introduction
to modern drilling technology. This book explains
load calculation of the rig’s surface equipment and
drill string. You will learn how to interpret a drilling
program, and assess and calculate different hole
trajectories and deviation angles. Drilling of high-pressure,
high-temperature wells is also described in detail.

1 Introduction
2 Loads on Surface Equipment
3 The Circulation System and Loading the Drill String
4 Drilling Program and Well Trajectory Plan
5 Drilling of Deep Wells with High Pressure and
High Temperature (HPHT)

ISBN: 978-82-315-0020-9
144 pages, illustrated, color, 2011
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