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Item Number: AFTER
Publisher / Author: Safe Harbor Books
ISBN: 978-0-9798226-7-4

The Silence of the Lower 9th Ward

Photographs by John Rosenthal 
Preface by Lolis Eric Elie 
Afterword by John Pope

In the tenth year after Katrina, Safe Harbor Books is honored to publish John Rosenthal’s photographs of the Lower 9th Ward.

About his time there Mr. Rosenthal comments, “What I found and what I photographed wasn’t the remnants of a dangerous and dilapidated neighborhood now demolished by a hurricane, but the vestiges of a working-class community in which aspiration contended with scarcity, and where religious faith found expression on every block. From my perspective, the floodwaters had washed away not only bricks and mortar, but also the toxic stereotypes that separate us from each other. What was left, in other words, was the vanishing common ground, and it is this familiar terrain that I have photographed.”

“The power of these photographs is that you feel the human presence and its absence in every frame of Rosenthal’s work”
     — Lolis Eric Elie, Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans

“Rosenthal’s superbly crafted poetic images are the works of a refined aesthetic sensibility which demands that beauty reveal itself in any subject.”
     — Kate Dobbs Aerial, The Five Points Star

“Rosenthal’s photographs chronicle with timeless artistry a landscape ravaged by water and wind. We feel the loss of this vibrant community and bear its sorrow through an eerie brand of pictorial silence This is a beautiful book to be treasured.”
     — David M. Spear, The Neugents, Visible Spirits, Ten Days in Havana

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