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: $20.00
Item Number: MIX
Publisher / Author: Moose Country Press
ISBN: 0-9642213-5-7
A Mix of Years

By William S. Morse 

Introduction by Jere Daniell, Paul Doherty, Will Lange, and Stearns Morse

This book continues the 93-year journey through the North Country first begun in A Country Life - colorfully, humorously, and with a good dose of Yankee wisdom - a book that all ages can enjoy. Easy-to-read type with 140 illustrations and maps.

"The wealth of detail, wisdom and humor that comprises A Mix of Years is priceless.  Whoever reads it will enter on an unforgettable journey that will take them through the early years of our New England way of life.  It could only have been written by a man of Bill Morse's years.  Years that have been lived wisely and well.  A Mix of Years is a doozy.  It places William S. Morse on center stage as a gifted New England historian, philosopher and humorist.  What a gift he has for storytelling." - Floyd S. Ramsey, Author, Shrouded Memories 

"A true Yankee will never discuss what it means to be one.  But if you listen to his stories you will know." - Willem Lange, Author,Tales From the Edge of the Woods


Moose Country Press
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