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A Pinch of Salt

: $15.95
Item Number: SALT
Publisher / Author: Safe Harbor Books
ISBN: 9780979822681


By Christopher Brookhouse

Paperback, 171 Pages

Gus Salt never wanted to be sheriff of Harr County, North Carolina. He had planned to study with a famous writer at Harvard College and become a writer himself. Then Pearl Harbor happened, and Gus, deferred from service because of a lazy thyroid, was nearly the only able-bodied man available for law enforcement. Now, fourteen years later, a weary Gus is ready to retire. A new man is ready to take over, but first Gus must determine if the drowning of the local Episcopal minister was accidental, and if Blossom Hall, a young woman in love with Gus, had anything to with it. The old woman who appears and disappears, what does she know about Blossom? What does Blossom know about her? The past is about to catch up with everyone, Gus included.

About the author, Christopher Brookhouse:

The author has published 12 books of fiction and poetry. Running Out won the Rosenthal Award from the American Academy of Arts; Fog: The Jeffrey Stories earned the biennial New Hampshire fiction prize; A Selfish Woman was nominated for the National Book Award.



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