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Casing Design

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Publisher / Author: Vett & Viten Group
ISBN: 9788231500049

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Casing Design
By: Geir Ove Eikill

The casing is a very important structural
part of the well, as it must provide hole
stability, isolation of the formations and
pressure integrity. After completing this
book the reader will be able to plan a
casing program and evaluate equipment
and methods used for handling, running,
or pulling casing. They will also be able to
explain operational safety and calculate
the loads on casing during various

1 Introduction
2 Functions of the Casing
3 Production of Casing
4 Classification of Casing Pipes
5 Types of Casing
6 Setting of Casing
7 Set Depths for Casing
8 Transport, Handling and Storage
9 Handling of Casing on the Rig
10 Guiding, Assembly and Lowering
11 Cementing Equipment for Casing
12 Wellhead Equipment
13 Dimensioning the Casing
14 Safety Factor
15 Dimensioning Calculations
16 Compound Casing Strings
17 Inspection, Testing and Handling of Casing
18 Causes of Casing Problems
19 Cutting and Removal of Casing

ISBN: 978-82-315-0004-9
144 pages, illustrated, colors, 2009
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