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Energy and nitrogen requirements in disease states

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Publisher / Author: Smith-Gordon
ISBN: 1854632280

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Energy and Nitrogen Requirements in Disease States

By: Stephen J. Taylor

With Foreword By: David Frankenfield

This monograph is both a reference and a practical guide for estimating energy, nitrogen and substrate requirements in disease states.  In citing around 700 references it is intended to give the reader guidance in a comprehensive spectrum of clinical states each with a brief referenced discussion.  The book structure comprises:

1.  Methodology
2.  Energy requirements in chronic disease
3.  Energy requirements in severe inflammatory states
4.  Nitrogen, substrates and clinical outcome and
5.  Estimating requirements

Specific estimation methods are offered for sub-categories of chronic disease (Section 2).  They enable closer matching of nutritional support to an individual's needs to prevent loss of fat-free mass and improve tolerance.  In addition, patterns of energy expenditure may be anticipated from the disease stages or treatments specified.  For severe inflammatory states (Section 3) validated equations that track the rapidly changing clinical state, where they exist, reduce complications resulting from prediction error.  However, section 4 proposes energy, nitrogen and substrate input aimed at improving clinical outcome without necessarily matching energy balance in the short-term.  Where there is overlap between adult and paediatric conditions (eg burns), they have been grouped within the disease category.

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