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Item Number: FOG
Publisher / Author: Safe Harbor Books

by Christopher Brookhouse

The stories in
Fog are not only intelligent and sexy (as readers have said) but also elegantly written, stories that consider the varieties of love and affirm the beauty of places we can see around us and geographies we can only imagine.

Fog by Christopher Brookhouse is a collection of stories, all set in the fictional New England community of Jeffrey. The stories each stand alone, but the characters and themes, as well as locales, are all interwoven more like a novel than a collection of short pieces. Interwoven as well are the motifs of lonely isolation and a kind of brooding, shadow eroticism. Personally, after finishing each story, I was convinced that it was the best in the collection! Overall, a splendid achievement by Brookhouse.” —Samuel Schuman, author of Old Main, and other books

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Hard Cover
Safe Harbor Books

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