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Frank Ramsey

: $30.00
Publisher / Author: Smith-Gordon
ISBN: 9781854632487

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Frank Ramsey (1903 - 1930)
A Sister's Memoir

By:  Margaret Paul

Margaret Ramsey's memoir of her prodigious brother shows Frank Ramsey as clearly as if it were yesterday in the surroundings of his family, fellow scholars and friends. The life of an exceptional man is played out before our eyes against a background of a time that is now 'another country' but strangely linked in its manners and concerns to our own.   A brilliant mathematician and a philosopher who belonged to the Cambridge of Moore, Russell and Wittgenstein (whose Tractatus he translated while a student) he was the innovator of a new subject of economic philosophy challenging Keynes on probability and contributing to taxation theory. Frank Ramsey (1903-1930) is not only the extraordinary inside story of a young genius.   Margaret Paul brings to life an age - the twenties, a decade of interwar angst, both Freudian and political and with it a roll call of exceptionally gifted men and women. The preoccupations of that time call out subtly to the world of today.

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