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Functional Dance Anatomy

: $39.00
Publisher / Author: Vett & Viten Group
ISBN: 978-82-412-0691-7

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Functional Dance Anatomy

Photography by Erik Berg
• What every dancer needs to know about how to avoid pain and injuries.
• 200 beautiful photos and illustrations in color describing the body’s anatomy
  and showing specific exercises to strengthen the muscles.
• Provides the necessary knowledge about how the muscles function, which muscles
  the dancer uses, and when to use them technically in dancing.
• 152 pages in exclusive, modern design.

Functional Dance Anatomy was initially written for dancers, students of dance and teachers of all dance forms.  Yet many others can also benefit from reading this book, such as those who work with figure skating, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and more.

The book has three main themes:
• Anatomic description of the bones and muscles
• Specific exercises to strengthen muscles needed for dancing technically and anatomically correctly
• Stretching exercises for avoiding pain and injuries

Praise for Tina Hessel’s Functional Dance Anatomy…
”The author has first grade knowledge about dancing and anatomy.”
- Veslemøy Ellefsen, Director of study programs, The Faculty of Performing Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway.

“Functional Dance Anatomy provides important theoretical and practical knowledge about body and dance. … This is necessary and useful information for very dancer because the result is less injuries and better dancers.”
— Anne Margrete Fiskvik, Dr. of Art, Institute for Music and Dance, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

About the Author

Tina Hessel is Scandinavia's foremost expert on dance injuries. She is educated as physiotherapist and runs the Links Oslo Physiotherapy and Dance Clinic where she educates dancers and instructors in the UHM® Pilates training method. Tina also works with the Potensia® self-development program from which many dancers benefit. Her motto is: "See the whole person!"

Tina Hessel has been teaching and giving lectures in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Slovakia and USA.


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