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George Washington in New Hampshire

: $25.00
Publisher / Author: Portsmouth Marine Society
ISBN: 0915819155

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No. 16 - George Washington in New Hampshire

By: Edwin L. Page

This book gathers for the first time between covers all the known facts relating to the five days Washington spent in the Granite State during his New England tour of 1789. The method Mr. Page chose is interesting. He used Washington's brief and reticent diary entries as the essential basis of the text, which he expanded most effectively by means of contemporary news accounts. The places visited by Washington  and the persons with whom he associated were sketched in to present a lively and authentic background for the narrative.

The whole work is thoroughly documented and the story is in no sense imaginative unless in the sense the author sought to use a proper imagination in putting the parts into a lifelike relation to one another.

Porsmouth Marine Society
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