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Item Number: K393
Publisher / Author: Verlag Valentin Koerner
ISBN: 3873204398
In English and Continental Emblem Books 1550-1700
Saecvla Spiritalia Vol. 39

By: Elena Laura Calogero

The relationship between music and poetry, and its influence on human emotions has been the subject of discussion since time immemorial.  That is why theoretical works on music from the middle ages and earlier have stood as 'the godfathers of alligoric and didactic composition' in England during the 15th and 16th century.  The rediscovery and reinterpretation of philosophical pieces during the Renaissance has guaranteed these works a place of honour in the canon of English literature, in which ideas regarding the moral magnitude of music were always taken in the context of the contemporary needs of music conception.

In her new exercise, subdivided in the main chapters 'The Power of Music' and the "Music of of Power', 'Emblems of Love and Music' and 'Music and Spirituality', Elena Calogero examines these theories through research into the semantics of music.

Verlag Valentin Koerner
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