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Isles of Shoals Cook Books

: Starting at $20.00
Publisher / Author: Star Island Shops

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Isles of Shoals Cookbook
       (In Two Volumes)

Edited by Faustina Wade and a Committee of Devoted Shoalers

$20.00 each when purchasing individually

Season Special - Online OnlyBoth Volume I  and Volume II  for  $25.00

60 years after it was first published, we are excited to reprint the Isles of Shoals Cook Book in its original format. The original woodblock cover is inside the new color cover we are using for this edition.

This wonderful piece of Island history is being brought back in 2 volumes. Both volumes will contain the original cover, the original introductions, and the full table of contents.

Volume 1 features Beverages, Breads, Hors d'Ouvres 'n' Sandwiches, Soups 'n' Chowders, Fish, Meats, Luncheon 'n' Supper Dishes, Vegetables and Salads 'n' Salad Dressings.

NOTICE: There are no pages missing. Volume 1 concludes w/ page 95 of the original Isles of Shoals Cook Book (just prior to the Dessert section.) and the original table of contents is included, which starts on page 205.

Volume 2  features Desserts 'n' Dessert Sauces, Cakes 'n' Cookies (including Celia's receipt for the Graham Pies she would make and serve in her Parlor), Fillings 'n' Frostings, Shoals Chefs, Candy, Quality Cookery, Preserves 'n' Relishes, Hints 
Volume I    $20.00
Volume II   $20.00
Season Special Vol I & II  $25.00
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