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John Stark Maverick General

: $19.95
Publisher / Author: TreeLine Press
ISBN: 9780978912314

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By Ben Z. Rose

Though we live in a time of unprecedented interest in the character of our founding fathers, many of the American Revolution's most important leaders have been overlooked. One of those forgotten is John Stark, a brilliant battlefield tactician from New Hampshire, whose decisive action at key points in the War of Independence helped determine its outcome.

In his biography, author Ben Z. Rose focuses on a handful of key people in John Stark's life in an effort to gain insight into his motivation and character. These include his wife, Elizabeth "Molly" Stark, who hailed from a prominent Puritan family; his oldest son, Caleb, who enlisted in the Continental Army at the age of 15; Robert Rogers, founder of the colonial ranger force that bears his name; Seth Warner, the Green Mountain Ranger who fought for Vermont's independence; fellow-New Hampshire Revolutionary War General John Sullivan, who fought alongside Stark at the Battle of Trenton; and Horatio Gates, who rivaled George Washington for leadership of the Continental Army.

John Stark inspired the phrase "Live Free or Die" in a letter to the citizens of Vermont almost 200 years ago during a Battle of Bennington reunion. Stark's sentiment at the time was clearly intended to warn against another British invasion, which occurred a short time later when the British burned down the US Congress during the War of 1812.

As we live in an age where the pendulum swings between concerns over the intrusion of government in our daily lives and fear of foreign enemies, Stark's words speak to us with the same relevance as he did more than 200 years ago.

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