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Lady-Ghost of the Isles of Shoals

: $6.95
Publisher / Author: Star Island Shops
ISBN: lady

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Young and old will have a ghostly time reading this richly illustrated story as they travel to the Isles of Shoals and meet the ghost of Black Beard's wife, Lady-Ghost.  This enchanting story introduces children to some of the fabulous folklore of New England while underscoring the importance of faith, friendship and persistence.  Two children, Jim and Mary, journey to Appledore Island to meet Celia Thaxter.  While the children learn about some of the history and lore of the Shoals, Jim must find his lost cat who has run off on Smuttynose Island.  Jim fears that the ghost of Philip Babb will harm his friend.   But in the end and with the help of Lady-Ghost, Jim finds his friend and learns several valuable lessons.  Although much has been written about the Isles of Shoals, little is available for children.  Lady-Ghost of the Isles of Shoals is sure to become a favorite for generation to come.

Softcover, $6.95
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