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: $16.00
Item Number: LQ
Publisher / Author: Moose Country Press
ISBN: 1-893863-01-8
Lumber Queen

By Ellen C. Anderson

The Life of Woodswoman Ruth Ayer Park.  Shrewd.  No nonsense.  Solitary.  

Ruth Park was a tough New Hampshire Yankee who graduated from Vassar College in 1906 and then became a logging boss.  The Park family business had fallen on hard times, and Ruth alone of the Park children was free to help.  Unschooled in business, but with a quick mind, a sense of humor, and a head for numbers, she took on the challenge and became a colorful legend in her own time. 

"[Ruth Park] merits special attention because she was the only lady logger in the United States who swung an axe, handled a cant-dog, drove team, and ran her own camps.  That well-known lumberjack Sherman Adams can testify that she was a hard woman to beat.  I rememver a song about her, the first lineof which goes: 'There's a lumbering lady in Lyme..'" - From Tall Trees, Tough Men by Robert E. Pike 

Moose Country Press
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