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Item Number: MR1
Publisher / Author: Moose Country Press
ISBN: 0-9642213-7-3
Moosilaukee Reader, Vol. 1

By Robert W. Averill

The Moosilaukee Reader is neither a history nor a guidebook,; nor is it intended to be the comprehensive authority about Mount Moosilauke.  Instead Bob Averill has assembled a sampler of Moosilauke's literature: a survey of nineteenth century and twentieth century prose responses to the mountain from writers of varied backgrounds and interests and motivations. 

The voices selected are those of scientists and historians, journalists, measurers and recorders, naturalists, essayists, travelers, adventurers and others. 

The Moosilaukee Reader, (Vols 1&2) contains 48 essays and over 200 illustrations and maps - true stories of people who lived on or explored Mt. Moosilauke's slopes, takes of its long-vanished hotels- collected into two pocket-sized books.  Many of the stories have been lost or out-of-print for over a hundred years, but up-to-date accounts of Mt. Moosilauke's geology and forest history are also included. 

Volume 1 contains the first 24 essays.

Volume 1
Moose Country Press

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