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: $20.00
Item Number: MR2
Publisher / Author: Moose Country Press
ISBN: 0-9642213-8-1
Moosilaukee Reader, Vol. 2

By Robert W. Averill

The second volume of The Moosilaukee Reader continues the re-discovery of Mount Moosilauke's literature, much of it lost for generations.  Those long familiar with the mountain will be surprised at some of the accounts and will be pleased, as I was, at being introduced to many aspects of Moosilauke's past. Others who are strangers to the mountain may very well be inspired to pay a visit.  - Jack Noon

The Moosilaukee Reader, (Vols 1&2) contains 48 essays and over 200 illustrations and maps - true stories of people who lived on or explored Mt. Moosilauke's slopes, takes of its long-vanished hotels- collected into two pocket-sized books.  Many of the stories have been lost or out-of-print for over a hundred years, but up-to-date accounts of Mt. Moosilauke's geology and forest history are also included. 

Volume 2 contains the second 24 essays.

Volume 2
Moose Country Press
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