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Oil and Gas, from Reservoir to Refinery

: $98.00
Publisher / Author: Vett & Viten Group
ISBN: 9788241206450

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Oil and gas – from Reservoir to Refinery
Jan-Henrik Johnsen

This book explores different subjects related to oil
and gas, from searching for to evaluating oil and gas
fields, production, and downstream activities.
Different subjects to do with the influence of oil
production in our country and the rest of the World
are also discussed.
The book aims to cover the curriculum for
petroleum studies at pre-university level, but is also
suitable for anyone seeking a relatively short
introduction to petroleum related topics.

1 Introduction
2 Petroleum Geology
3 Oil and Gas Reservoirs
4 Geophysical Methods
5 Exploration for Oil and Gas
6 Drilling
7 Formation Evaluation
8 Evaluation of Oil and Gas Fields
9 Field Installations
10 Production of Oil and Gas Reservoirs
11 Production Wells
12 Processing of Oil and Gas
13 Downstream Activities
14 Oil History
15 Organisation of Oil Exploration on the
Norwegian Continental Shelf
16 Oil and the Environment

ISBN 978-82-412-0645-0
228 pages, illustrated, b/w 2007
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