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Portsmouth's Heyday in Shipbuilding

: $25.00
Publisher / Author: Portsmouth Marine Society
ISBN: 0915819341

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No. 28 - Portsmouth's Heyday in Shipbuilding

By: Gertrude M. Pickett

This is the story of the shipyards that flourished in the Customs District of Portsmouth, New Hampshire between 1840 and 1860. This was the era of merchant vessels that sailed with increasing speed and confidence between America and China and Europe, bringing fame and wealth to shipping lines, shipyards, sea captains and to Portsmouth.

Of the total of 169 vessels built in the district of Portsmouth between 1840 & 1860, fifty-four were barks, brigs or schooners and one hundred fifteen were large three-masted sailing ships, including twenty-eight clipper ships.

This book is primarily the story of the 115 three-masted ships and the men who built them. Its contents will give the reader a sense of the importance of the Customs District of Portsmouth in this glorious era of sailing ships.

Portsmouth Marine Society

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