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Production Technology Reservoir Evaluation

: $75.00
Item Number: N230
Publisher / Author: Vett & Viten Group
ISBN: 978-82-315-0023-0
Production Technology - Reservoir Evaluation
By: Rune W. Time, Jann-Rune Ursin

Production Technology Reservoir Evaluation deals
with the various hydrocarbons and the states and
phases they undergo. You will learn to assess phase
diagrams, determine Z factors, viscosity and
density, and calculate the formation volume factor.
Flow and pressure drop in the reservoir, well and
surface equipment are systematically explained.

1 Gas Properties and Phase Behaviour
2 Equilibrium and Characteristic Properties
3 Flow and Pressure Drop in Reservoir, Well
and Surface Equipment

ISBN 978-82-315-0023-0
90 pages, illustrated, color, 2011

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