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: $21.00
Item Number: PALM
Publisher / Author: Peter E. Randall Publisher
ISBN: 9781937721503

Roland Palmedo: A Life of Adventure and Enterprise      
by Philip F. Palmedo
Biography, paperback,  $21.00

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America was transformed after the First World War by technology and economic growth, creating a climate for a new kind of pioneer.  Roland Palmedo was a dashing example. He brought a creative, entrepreneurial spirit to the early days of aviation and organized skiing in this country. A World War I pilot, he directed his unbounded energies to the creation of the first U.S. airlines, to building the first chairlift at Stowe, and creating the Mad River Glen ski area. An early and active environmentalist, Palmedo also organized the first U.S. women’s ski team, created the Amateur Ski Club of New York, initiated the National Ski Patrol, and brought kayak racing to this country. In this engaging biography, Roland’s son Philip reveals the person behind those accomplishments, a man driven by an adventurous spirit, satisfied only when he brought others to enjoy nature and sports as he did.

About the Author:

As his father, Roland Palmedo, Philip F. Palmedo attended Williams College and was a member of the ski team. From there he went on to earn a Ph. D. from MIT which led to a diversified career in physics research, entrepreneurship, and increasingly, writing.

Mr. Palmedo has written on a wide range of subjects, but over the past 15 years his principal focus has been modern sculpture. He has published essays and several books in that area, the most recent being The Experience of Modern Sculpture (Schiffer Publishing, 2015). 

Mr. Palmedo serves on several non-profit and corporate boards and was a member of the Board of Trustees of Williams College. He also serves on the Council for the Arts at MIT, and is a Fellow of the Williams College Museum of Art. He has two sons and lives in St. James, Long Island, N.Y. with his wife, Elisabeth. His website is


Congratulations on winning another prestigious ISHA Award!

I'm happy to announce to you that your book Roland Palmedo: A Life of Adventure and Enterprise has been selected by ISHA to receive a Skade Book Award this Spring. These awards will be presented at a Banquet to be held at the Olympic Village Dining Hall, Squaw Valley CA. on Friday, March 23rd, 2018.  (Rick Moulton)


“A reckoning of Roland Palmedo’s wide-ranging accomplishments in skiing is long overdue. His record as discoverer of Stowe, advocate for American ski patrols, and founder of Mad River Glen is well-told in this readable and compelling account. Palmedo’s zest for adventures in nature, relish for community, meticulousness, and sheer capacity for organizing the like-minded have left a durable imprint on skiing.”

            Jeff Leich, Executive Director, New England Ski Museum

 “Philip Palmedo's book has preserved the remarkable and purposeful life of his father from World War One to the nineteen sixties. Through stories of indomitable spirit and adventure, Philip leads us effortlessly through his father's life - not only a life well lived but a life of vision and courage.  Roland Palmedo had a unique and special connection with the natural world – whether on the summit of a mountain, whitewater kayaking, or flying fighter planes as an early aviator.  This is a fascinating account about a noble man who helped usher in a time of chivalry and knighthood in the north-country.”

            Rick Moulton, documentary film maker

“Philip Palmedo’s book will re-calibrate your definition of “larger-than-life.”  Fast water, deep snow, and clear skies provide the backdrop for a primer on how to accomplish any goal and get it right the first time.”

            Rick Hamlin, Chair, Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

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