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: $45.00
Item Number: SOME
Publisher / Author: Safe Harbor Books
ISBN: 9780997868609
Some of Us

Photographs by Michael Carlebach

Original poem “Some of Us” by Ann Lauterbach

Afterword “Two of Us” by Nathaniel Tripp

By turns wry and poignant, humorous and disturbing, Michael Carlebach’s stunning new collection of photographs offers a unique and timely vision of America. Some of Us presents people and places across the country caught like reflections in a quickly passed mirror that remind us who we really are and suggest where we might be going.   

The late journalist Larry Mahoney wrote that Carlebach “has what an old colonel of mine liked to refer to as deep-serious gallows humor, something that soldiers have shared over the centuries.”  

 About Carlebach: “Few other people have been able to capture the beauty and quirkiness of the American culture, and on a grander scale, the folly and strangeness of the current stage of human evolution.” Travis Jennings, “Capturing Capacity.”

Carlebach’s first cousins, the poet Ann Lauterbach and writer Nathaniel Tripp, provide words that perfectly limn the images and help to explain the photographer himself, making the book a kind of family affair. 


123 pages, 9 x 9, 97 images,
case bound w/jacket,





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