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: $19.95
Item Number: STEP
Publisher / Author: Peter E. Randall Publisher
ISBN: 1-931807-34-5

A Geological Story of the Belknap Mountains

By: Jay Long
Trail Maps by Dave Roberts

• Perfect for students, teachers, hikers and rock lovers.
• Never before published trail maps!     

This is a story of a small group of mountains; many would snub them as no more than mere hills. The intent is to present the evolution of this mountain cluster, the Belknap Mountains in central New Hampshire, and of those rocks that preceded them.

Here is an interpretation of the origin of these rocks and the forces that formed the Belknaps. Mt. Major, adjacent to Alton Bay, is one of the most climbed peaks in New Hampshire, especially popular with school groups of all ages. This book is a key to the geologic history as well as a guide to the trails. With text, photographs, and sketches, Jay Long explains the complex circumstances that produced what some consider the widest diversity of igneous rocks in New Hampshire. With Dave Roberts' maps, this book provides the hiker and the student with an appreciation for a unique part of New Hampshire.

Praise for Stepping Stones Across New Hampshire:

"Complicated Geology made easier... As a New Hampshire native, geologist, outdoorsman and educator, this is a wonderful geology book. A very interesting format, allowing the layperson to understand what is "under their feet." The book has great photos, accompanied by a readable text. Great maps...making it easy for the hiker to find and understand the many different rocks and varied geology displayed in the Belknap Mountains of New Hampshire. "
 — Lee Wilder, Earth Science Instructor, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH

"Stepping Stones creates great footprints on the hearts of educators – a truly wonderful resource."
 — Lawrence Ballentine, Alton Central School, Grade 8 Team Leader

"The author does an excellent job of sharing his passion for intimate places and gives hikers and educators a tool for going to the locations described in the book. If I was going to lead a day hike on a section of trail (covered in Stepping Stones) I would certainly be able to pull off an introductory level examination of the types of rocks there. The chapter on weathering and erosion is very straightforward and the illustrations and concise definitions are very user friendly. This is one of the parts that I will try and incorporate into some things I am doing in the classroom next year."
 — Darron Laughland, Kennet High School, Conway, NH, teacher and avid hiker

About the Author:

Jay Long has hiked the Belknaps for over twenty years, beginning when there were few marked trails. He is a registered engineer and land surveyor and has a Ph.D. in engineering geology. Dave Roberts is a retired teacher and administrator in local schools. He has hiked the Belknaps for over thirty years and in the last decade has marked and mapped trails throughout the range.

Peter E. Randall Publishing

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