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: $18.95
Item Number: BOBH
Publisher / Author: Jetty House, an Imprint of Peter E. Randall Publisher
ISBN: 9781937721459
The Bobhouse, A Winnipesaukee Adventure
By Andy Opel
Illustrated by Karel Hayes & John Gorey

When Lake Winnipesaukee freezes early, Jack, Franny, and J. J. join Grammy for a Christmas in Boulder Lodge.  The lake is a very different place in the winter.  A New Year’s Day fishing derby gives Franny the chance to show her brothers her fishing skills, with the help of an old fisherman and a special lure.

 Every year Lake Winnipesaukee freezes in the winter, presenting new challenges to residents and visitors.  The ice gets so thick it supports snowmobiles, cars, and small fishing shacks called ‘bobhouses.’  For a few weeks in the winter there is an F.A.A. approved runway in Alton Bay where airplanes land on the ice.  Each year people attempt to predict “ice out.”  The official “ice out” is declared when the M/V Mount Washington can travel to every port of call.

Hardcover, with dust jacket.

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