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The Docent Handbook 2

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Item Number: Docent
Publisher / Author: National Docent Symposium Council
ISBN: 9780692034132

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"The Docent Handbook 2"

This valuable resource for docents, guides and interpreters from museums of all types in the US and Canada is a stimulating and informative "nuts and bolts" manual.  The original Docent Handbook, published more than 20 years ago, has been a helpful collection of information for new and veteran docents, and has been an important tool for museum educators in their training of docents and guides. "The Docent Handbook 2" updates and expands the original  handbook with new sections, material, and additional references to reflect the increasingly diverse audiences for museums, the arrival of our digital world, and evolving tour strategies geared to museums of all kinds.

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Table of Contents


1          Foundations

2          Points of Departure

3          On Language, or: What's in a Word

4          Learning Styles

5          Know Your Audience

6          On Seeing or Learning from Objects

7          Asking Questions: Observation-based Touring

8          Act it Out! Hands-On!

9          Sensitive Issues

10        Dealing with Problems

11        Looking Back & Facing the Future

History of the National Docent Symposium

Suggestions for Additional Reading/Resources


Read what purchasers have to say about The Docent Handbook 2.

The Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

The Docent Handbook 2, revised 2017, is an excellent synthesis of research into museum audience engagement techniques.  New docents will find the information to be both informative and accessible.   The handbook can be used as a means for prompting discussions around good docent practices.  References, include within the handbook will allow for deeper research into many relevant topics.  --Joel Smeltzer | Head of School and Gallery Programs

As a veteran docent, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Docent Handbook 2, revised 2017, for any docent class!  Even with my extensive experience I found that while reading the handbook I was high lighting and reviewing useful tools to assist me with best practices.  Kudos, the new edition is an excellent review for even the most experienced docent.  --Holly Hall, Mint Museum Docent President, 2017-18

The Docent Handbook 2, revised 2017, in conjunction with docent training is very meaningful. The Handbook is written in accessible language and is both comprehensive and insightful. It explores a variety of encounters that will be useful to new docents as they face the challenge of introducing their museum to an increasing variety of groups from their surrounding communities.  The index is clear and allows for quick reference to a variety if useful topics for both the new and experienced docent.  --Nancy Maloney EdD, new docent trainee

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

 The Docent Handbook 2 is both a refresher course for the experienced docent and a source of inspiration for my tours.  It has been several years since my initial training, so it is important to revisit touring ideas and contemplate new strategies. . For example, the timbre of the relationship I have with students on tours can change if I think of them as audience or visitor or a guest.  Also, reviewing the sections on learning styles and questioning techniques has made my tours more relevant.  I think that reading Docent Handbook 2 would be a great introduction for individuals thinking about becoming docents. Thank you for this great resource! --Jill Reynolds, Docent

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