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Through the Eyes of a Soldier

: $39.95
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Publisher / Author: Peter E. Randall Publisher
ISBN: 9781937721367
Through the Eyes of a Soldier,
A History of the Civil War as Seen by Battery L First United States Artillery, 1860 - 1865.
by Robert C. Simmonds. 
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The book is framed around the “Record of Events” of Battery L, a Regular Army unit, which was in service before, during and after the war. Their history—what they saw, read, or heard announced in General Orders—covers almost the entirety of a far-flung war.

  • Hardcover with an index, bibliography & 4-color endleaf maps
  • Over 300 illustrations, including; maps, drawings, & photographs

Escaping the 1861 Texas Surrender to Fort Jefferson, off Key West, Battery L was assigned to a series of joint army/navy actions in the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi river. The sweaty and bloody sieges at Port Hudson and Vicksburg finally completed the Anaconda Plan in July of 1863, with Union control of the river.

         Fearing that the French in Mexico might occupy Texas, Lincoln ordered an invasion. Grant, promoted to general-in-chief in March, 1864, saw the futility of the Red River Campaign, and called it to a halt. Lee in Virginia must be defeated if the war was to be won. No wild expedition elsewhere mattered. Battery L was subsequently transferred to Virginia, to fight with Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley, and in early 1865, to witness the end.

Advance Praise for Through the Eyes of a Soldier:

 “Written histories of the Union artillery batteries that took part in the Red River Campaign of 1864 are scarce… Simmonds helps fill this void and provides researchers as well as Civil War enthusiasts with a valuable reference work.”

—Scott Dearman, Park Superintendent, Mansfield State Historic Site, Civil War Battlefield


“It is rare when one finds histories of artillery batteries; rarer still are histories of U.S. regular artillery batteries… meticulously researched, rich in detail and description, this hardcover history takes the reader on a journey seldom experienced…”

About the Author: Robert C. Simmonds received a BS degree in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1958. After army service he began employment in the fields of machinery research and development, in which he remained for his entire career. He received an MS from Northeastern University in 1967. His great-grandfather served in Battery L during the Civil War.

If you have an ancestor who was inBattery L, the author
                           will donate a copy to the organization of your choice!

**Complete rosters of Battery L for the five years of the war are included. Also included is the
roster of the 13th Massachusetts Battery which was attached to Battery L in 1863.**

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