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Well Planning

: $98.00
Publisher / Author: Vett & Viten Group
ISBN: 9788231500025

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Well Planning
Glenn K. Gabrielsen

In this book, you will get an
overview of how drilling engineers
plan and design wells, specifically
wells drilled from temporary or
permanent installations.

1 Introduction
2 Different Well Types
3 Basic Information from Geologists and Petroleum
4 Choice of Hole Dimension
5 Choice of Drilling Mud for Different Hole sections
6 Casing sizes and the Wellhead
7 Cementing Different Casing sizes
8 Choice of Well Trajectory in Exploratory Drilling and
Production Drilling
9 Current Methods for Drilling Exploratory and Production
10 Completion of Vertical, Horizontal and Deviating Wells
11 Preparation and Use of Multiple lateral Wells

ISBN: 978-82-315-0002-5
204 pages, illustrated, colors, 2009
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